Writing Samples

A Case for Play
Dallas Child
September 2014
Examining the benefits of recess

The Woodlands’ Wonderland
Texas Highways
December 2013
Christmas fun in the Woodlands

Walking the Wild Side of Lufkin
Houston Chronicle
September 2013
Exploring Lufkin’s natural tourism options

Tasty Weekend in Victoria
Dallas Morning News
August 2013
Exploring Victoria’s Emerging Culinary Scene

Explore Family Friendly New Orleans
Dallas Morning News
July 2013
Family fun in New Orleans

Play by the Bay
Texas Highways
May 2013
Family fun in Corpus Christi

Sawmill Town Tourism
Dallas Morning News
April 2013
Explore relics of the East Texas sawmill towns.

Tea Time and Place
Change Magazine
May 2012
A brief history of tea and a peak at three lovely Houston-area tea rooms.

A Chance to Come Aboard Living History
Bay Area Citizen
March 2012
Authentic replicas of Columbus’ ships sail along the Texas coast.

Good Guide
Change Magazine
March 2012
GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke explains how his site helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Etsy Local Artisans
Focus on Women
February 2012
Three Houston-area Etsy artisans offer unique handcrafted wares.

Job of the Week
Pasadena Citizen
January 2012
This bi-weekly series profiles interesting members of the community.

Houston’s Hidden Museums
Texas Highways
December 2011
Four sites outside of Houston’s official Museum District offer visitors a more personalized (and less crowded) experience.

Burn Victim Gives Thanks
Pasadena Citizen
November 2011
A burn victim credits the fire marshal with saving his life.

Is Your Home and Your Roof Hurricane Ready?
Focus on Women
June 2011
Commercial Writing for Ameristar Roofing

12 Tips for a Fabulously Frugal Girl’s Night-In
Focus on Women
June 1st, 2011
From beer tastings to clothing swaps, you don’t have to venture out to have a good time.

Nacogdoches Turns a Page
Texas Highways
March 2011
The oldest town in Texas remains fiercely protective of its historical integrity while offering plenty for the modern tourist.

Apron Chic
Change Magazine
February 2012
A resurgence of domestic nostalgia brings the apron back in style.


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